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Lime-hosting is a service that extends more than hosting support. Whatever you need online, your software or your pc hardware may it be: We can repair, improve,prevent,recover,design. It is with great proudness that we can say that our customers may rely on us with great expectations that we have always met and extended their needs. Time is important and with this, in mind we have resolved many of our customer's issue where they remotely invited us to log in to their Pc with global known Team viewer and assisting them online in seconds.

What makes Limehosting stand out to other hosting providers is that we extend our service by arriving to your venue promptly when needed. We train Webmasters as well as website amateurs interested in building better websites.

Complete SatisfactionLimehosting is not only best but the most economical hosting in S.A. ,Here you will not be abused by hosting contracts, and that is why Limehosting offers a leading Complete Satisfaction double money back guaranteeIf you Limehosting don't delight you to deliver on service promise, you can choose to discontinue Limehosting at any time in the first 60 days of your chosen product and claim double the amount you paid in total up  to that point on Limehosting package. 

About us: We always on the look out for new technologies and discoveries that would shape our future thus present on Face Book.



Once we have set up your hosting account you will also receive many free included features likewise all out customers benefit on a 24/7 basis: See Below


  • Reset your cPanel password.
  • Creating your Emails.
  • Creating Subdomains.
  • Setting up your CMS website. e.g. Joomla; Wordpress; Drupal; Image Galleries; Forums; Social Networking; Polls and Surveys; Read more....
  • Show you how to Back up or upload your website.
  • SQL database setup
  • Manage and pointing your DNS. 
  • And many more video tutor


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I.T. specialist for It solutions. Graphic editor; Website- & Host-master; Studant Tuter for online-hosting- industry.






  Webmaster; Online assist and Graphic editor  087-151-4538  



Tutor How to enroll Workshop4It  079-03-78787    



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yesVoice over Internet.
yesEmail client Maintenanance.
yesWebhosting & IT Training




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