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Every Domain Name Registration Includes


  • Free live 24/7 customer support
  • Free Under Construction Page
  • Free account management tool.
  • Free domain security fearture.


Our help & support Team are standing by to help our customers with the following.
  • cPanel
  • Reseting cpanel password.
  • Creating your Emails.
  • Creating Subdomains.
  • Seting up your CMS website. e.g. Joomla; Wordpress; Image Galeries; Forums; Social Networking; Pols and Surveys; Read more....
  • Show you how to Back up your website.
  • SQL database setup
  • Manage and pointing your DNS. 
  • And more


In order to get a web page on the internet, you need a good Hosting Service Provider (HSP) like us.


Internet vers. Hosting

 Things you should know:


>> If you have internet you should already have an (ISP)  Read more....

>> Mweb for e.g. is Excelent ISP but not as a HSP because there main busnes is not hosting. We on the otherhand offer Hosting Service that is flexible, professional and with all the support and Software tools that you will need.



  • We have helped hundreds of customers to make the best choice for reliability, security, efficiency, support and economical.
  • We treat our customers special in a special way with Hosting, Website support there is always someone available to help.


Webhosting is the space where your Website and e-mails are stored for the internet and is called a Web-server or a Mail-server.  

Server Layout

1. These servers are kept in a server Room with strict security access control:
  • By 10 inch entry door.
  • Security Cameras recording activity in the server room.
2.  Reliability:
  • Uninterrupted Electricity by means of Standby Power Plant in case Eskom power breakage.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Redundancy on dual routes and dual mirror server.
3. The Choice of compatible servers:
  • Microsoft
  • Linux
4. A team of management control for:
  • 24/7 Monitoring. 
  • Expansion & Upgrading.

































Server Status

Server Offline!
Check your email for further details.


FREE Site In Transfer

  • FREE CO.ZA Transver
  • FREE CMS Transver
  • FREE File Transfer
  • FREE MySQL Transfer
  • FREE Script Transfer 

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We also do IT

I.T. Solutions

  • Have your own local server :
Browse your office documents remotely or from home.
  • Local intranet for your business :
Have your own private web server.
  • Voice over Internet installation (VOIP) :
Save 30% on cost and receive rebate.
  • Maintenance for  your e-mail system :
Spam control, forwarding , Migrating outlook to new PC
  • PC upgrade :
We help you to get the most cost efficient hard ware acceleration.


We also do Networking


We can Secure your Network.

  • We secure your CMS –Website : 
Spam control and Back door access.
  • Let us secure your Router Wi-Fi:
SSIDWPA2,Port Forwarding, Parental or Staff internet access control, wireless LAN, I-pad connection.
  • Compete backup your PC:
Superior to windows system restore. Guaranteed no los of e-mail.                                      
  • Data recovery : 
We recover your lost Data.  






ADSL Broadband

Web Hosting

Domain Services

IT Services

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smileyADSL Routers,Repeaters
yesLinux Hosting
yesWindows Hosting
smileySearch for a domain name
smileyRegister domain name
smileyPark a domain
smileyPoint your domain
smileyEmail Hosting
yesWi-Fi and Networking Management.
yesIT -intranet.
yesComputer Upgrades.
yesBackup and System Restore.
yesData Recovery.
yesPc Health Monitor System.
yesVoice over Internet.
yesEmail client Maintenanance.
yesWebhosting & IT Training




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