I.T. Suport

I.T. Support


IT Support

We provide server support, and network troubleshooting, as well as network installations, server maintenance, IT systems, disaster recovery and monitoring systems.

Our aim is to make your business systems reliable, effective and robust. We can provide secure remote access for your business data and applications allowing you and your sales teams to work remotely from many locations. Combined with our hosted Blackberry service, your communications will be steamlined and effective.

May we help you, so you can carry on with your important business!

OPTION 1 - IT Support Contract

Our support and maintenance packages are perfect for organisations with anything from 3 to 1,000 staff.As a client you become a member of our company and we will guide you forward in every aspect of your IT and e-business workings. We will inform you of new technologies as and when they arrive andresearch new ideas on your behalf.

Our maintenance plans provide:


Telephone support
Remote support
On-site support
Disaster Recovery
Peace of mind
Monitoring your Systems
Silver Plan
Gold plan



Making sure your systems are working for you is integral to our support packages.  Our systems monitor servers and workstations and report back to us their health and status.






We offer expert solutions in :

  • Email and Dasta transfer Pc to Pc
  • Data Backup / Recovery
    Pc backup and recovery of systems ,applications and files
  • Virus Prevention / Removal
    Total protection of your PC
  • Email Services
    Setup email accounts
    Backup email data/contacts/email addresses
  • Hardware repairs,upgrades and sales
    Repairs or upgrades and service on computer/Laptop hardware.
  • Internet service provider
    Free consultation with one of our qualified consultants
  • Networking: Lan networking to server and direct IP address/Wi-Fi router to Printer. 
  • Routers: Setting up and configuring Wi-Fi MAC security.

Server Status

Server Offline!
Check your email for further details.

FREE Site In Transfer

  • FREE CO.ZA Transver
  • FREE CMS Transver
  • FREE File Transfer
  • FREE MySQL Transfer
  • FREE Script Transfer 

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