Water Usage Calculator for Gauteng

Don't wait until you water becomes a huge figure. Check your water monthly.

You could be liable of a huge sum of money because:

  1. You may not observe the leak.
  2. Time that pass from when the leak becomes active until you get your bill.
  3. Water is calculated in scales thus there is a good chance you get billed four times more from that leak.

Solution: Read your water meter and use this calculator to: Determine, In real time, what the council will charge you and send you e-mail with your results.


  • Note! This water usage calculator does not require an app because it uses a Google-Form. I will work on mobile devices as well as windows,linux and Apple mac as long as you have a web-browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer. 
  • Calculations are presented in detail however formulas are protected by using a query lookup.
  • Anual public meeting is presented by the your council for new tariff increase however limehosting will only add the new tariff calculations after these meeting results appear in the Government Gazette.I have done joburgorg as well as ekurhleni so you dont fall under them then please e-mail me so I can add additional calculations from your municipality's. 


Step1:  Just fill in the Form; Entyer your:  e-mail, firs reading, second reading, tickl the acet you not a robot and SUBMIT

Step2: Watch the figures apear on the Query below the form. You will get email with your results.

Step3: Enter the secod reading and whatch the figures added to your Query.

Step4: The final reading should be on last day of the month where all readings are added together for a monthley bill.


Water calculator form

Joburg water calculator query

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